Dear Guest,

We are experiencing problem with our website: therefor Im writing you about the latest changes with regards to our house.
Most important is that we were forced to find somebody else to take care of our house,cleaning and give you the keys.This will be done by Donna Ana Paula from Sao Martinho. Her telephone is 00351 912829385
Needcase you can ask assistance from Donna Sao, our neighbour just upstairs from our house on righthand side. But in emergency only please.
We have installed lock on the gate. Code is 4602.
We have installed cable tv and bought new tv with many channels and instagram and youtube.
Also you have wifi by cable now. Name: 4C9E7B, code: 7JUaFNNZkD. Also stuck on modem.
There is a new coffemachine mark Dulce Gusto, same system as Nespresso
New windows and upstairs doors will be installed end of June.

We have installed a pelletheater. Please find instructions below and read carefully.
Use of pelletheater.
Starting. Simply push start button on remote control (or heater) for some seconds. Heater will start and start moving pellets into firepot, electric heater will start.
After 5-8 minutes first pellets will ignite and system starts heating up until fixed values have been reached (temp/intensity).
Stopping heating touch startbutton some seconds and heater will stop adding more pellets and fire goes out after about 10 minutes.

Fuel: pellets only!Any other fuel will kill the heater and leave you in the cold.So no wood,charcoal,paper,oils. Pellets only!

Pellets can be bought in Continente/Modelo and Intermarche in Sao Martinho or at shop of supplier of heater on N8 opposite hotel 3 Torres between Alfeizerao and Alcobaca (exact address on instruction book).
Costs € 3,80 for 15 kgs which will give you around 18 hours of heat at 22 C.

Cleaning: it is very important to clean heater every 2 days. Firepot first,remove by hand empty it and needcase open small holes in bottom with pointed tool.
Then remove ash chamber and get out ashes.
Clean around bottom of heater so that all is clean.We have bought a respirator for this.